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Mental health and wellness are the beating heart of Soulful Colour affirmation colouring books. From our youngest Soulful Soul to the oldest, colouring knows no age limit, just as supporting a positive mindset knows no bounds. These books are not just pages to colour; they’re powerful companions on the journey of mindfulness, self-care, and embracing diversity through creative expression. The heartfelt impact they’ve already made fuels our determination to continue fostering positivity and connection.

“Colouring Soothes the Soul” & “Leave Your Mark Soulfully.”

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Sophia ‘SoJay’ Jackson

Hi, I’m Sophia, you can call me SoJay, the founder, author, and creator of Soulful Colour. Inspired by my passions, extremely creative nature and driven by a desire to promote mental wellness, I created Soulful Colour to offer unique affirmation colouring books that celebrate diversity and self-expression. My journey began after overcoming personal challenges, including leaving an emotionally abusive relationship and pushing myself to graduate with honours when going back to school as a mature student. Of course there were financial challenges to overcome as well. Through resilience and creativity, I’ve built Soulful Colour into a brand that uplifts and empowers individuals of all ages. Through the books and also through presentations, workshops and speaking engagments. Join me in bringing warmth, mindfulness, and positivity to the world, one affirmation and colouring page at a time.

By Sophia ‘SoJay’ Jackson

Zeek & Zara Affirmation Colouring Book

Join this exciting journey with Zeek & Zara from Soulful Colour! This awesome colouring book is more than just colouring, it’s a super fun adventure filled with cool characters, inspiring messages, and lots of imagination! The messages are in English and French, so you can learn and practice another language while having a blast!

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Soulful Colour an Affirmation Colouring Book for Your Inner Child

This is the very first affirmation colouring book created  in the Soulful Colour series. The illustrations are full of life and lessons. Perfect for ‘Soulful Souls’ of all ages.

Mindset • Money • Matters an Affirmation Colouring Book for Your Inner Child

Mental wellness is connected to financial wellness. This second affirmation colouring book in the Soulful Colour series has images that encourage you to explore your thoughts, feelings and relationship with money.

Soulful Colour Presents

Zeek & Zara Affirmation Colouring Book in English & French

We hope you enjoy getting to know these adorable characters as much as we enjoyed creating them. Join Zeek & Zara on their journey to be their best selves.

Soulful Colour Presents EmpowerFlow Affirmation Colouring for Menstrual Awareness

The affirmations and illustrations in this book tackle the stigma, access and education of mentruation. Our goal is to change the narrative around periods, period! 

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Soulful Colour Colouring Page Protector

Paper quality in the books is top notch but if you are using alcohol based or water colours use our page protectors for an extra layer of protection from bleed thru.

Skin Tone Pencil Crayons

From dark to light skin tones we got you covered with these multicultural pencil crayons.

Leave Your MARK~ Book Mark

To mark your place in your colouring book or any book and a reminder to leave your mark on the world, soulfully with positivity.


Highly recommend SoJay! She is an energetic and enthusiastic speaker with great energy and such tangibile passion.

Her creations, art and message are what this world needs!

– Meghan G. Interfaith Peace Camp


An uncomplicated fun way of sending a powerful message.

– Knowledge Book Store


they are used in 1-1 sessions as a method of demonstrating and walking a student through a mindfulness activity and the feedback is that your book has wonderful drawings and powerful messages. We are so pleased to have it because the drawings are inclusive and reflective of the communities we serve.

– Jenn R. Social Worker


I did read through it this morning just to empower myself.  I shared my experience on social media and tagged you.  Thank you for all you are doing.  Your passion is so evident.

– Glacia S. CYC

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Join us at our upcoming events to explore our unique adult coloring books, including the Soulful Colour series! Our collection emphasizes mental and financial wellness, offering images and affirmations that inspire thoughtful reflection and personal growth. Come find us and experience the joy of coloring!

What’s Next?


Zeek & Zara

Part II

More affirmations and more illustrations coming your way with these two. What will they get into next? Avec des traductions en français, bien sûr.

Passion • Pain • Poetry • Providence

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Dear Vendor Market Coordinators and Curators

Dear Vendor Market Coordinators and Curators

I’m Sophia 'SoJay' Jackson, the creative force behind Soulful Colour, where we craft vibrant affirmation coloring books promoting mental wellness, self-expression, mindfulness, and diversity. Today, drawing from my experiences as both a vendor and event organizer, I...